Numbers Game

09:00-10:00 UTC, Tuesday 11th July 2023
(10:00 UK/Ireland; 11:00 Europe CEST / Africa SAST; 12:00 Europe EEST / Africa EAT; 13:00 GST (Dubai); 14:30 IST (India); 17:00 CST(China) / AWST (Western Australia); 19:00 AEST (Eastern Australia); 21:00 NZST)

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Seminar Details

Our next speaker in the DiveRSE series is Mariann (Maz) Hardey, Professor of Digital Culture, Technology and Business at Durham University Business School. Mariann is also a member of Advanced Research Computing (ARC) at Durham, where her role supports widening participation and accessibility in computing. She is passionate about self-development and learning, with a focus on representation among business leaders and practitioners in the technology sector. One of her latest books “The Culture of Women in Tech” forms part of the Master Class curriculum of the UK Government Digital Service to promote employment reform and inclusivity. Mariann has been researching and working with tech organisations for over twenty years.

In her talk, Mariann will focus on the ‘Whoddunit’ behind Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI/DEI) in the tech workplace. To best serve these fundamental principles, one must first understand the mechanics behind it.


This is an online talk that will take place via Zoom: Register here.

A recording of the talk will also be made available on the Society of Research Software Engineering Youtube Channel following the session.

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