Improving Diversity and Inclusion in the Research Software Engineering Community

11:00-12:00 UTC, Thursday 8th June 2023
(12:00 UK/Ireland; 13:00 Europe CEST / Africa SAST; 14:00 Europe EEST / Africa EAT; 15:00 GST (Dubai); 16:30 IST (India); 19:00 CST(China)/AWST (Western Australia); 21:00 AEST (Eastern Australia))

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For our second DiveRSE talk in the 2023 series, we’re very pleased to welcome Rowland Mosbergen to talk about his fantastic work on improving diversity and inclusion in the RSE community.

Following the talk, there will be time for questions and discussion.

We’d like to thank the Society of Research Software Engineering for supporting this talk through their Events and Initiatives Grant scheme.


“Improving Diversity and Inclusion in the RSE Community” is a presentation for people interested in improving Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Research Software Engineering community, be they Chairs of Committees or RSEs in multi-disciplinary teams.

It provides a framework to understand that the underlying problem is systemic, it explains that the discrimination has an accumulated impact over time for diverse candidates, and it gives you practical advice and tips on things you can actually do right now to make a difference.

It focuses on explaining the problem in concrete, not abstract terms - such as giving you glimpses of how people from marginalised groups are discriminated against subtly, like when they are ignored as possible renters or they are ignored at events.

It also shows all the ways the framework has been implemented from recruitment to conferences to presentations so that you have concrete ideas on how you can do practical things to improve DEI in your community straight away.

This is available on figshare with an accessible powerpoint presentation as well as a non-accessible PDF version.

About the speaker

Rowland has 25 years of experience as a generalist in highly complex environments in the not-for-profit, private, and research sectors and is a Research Software Engineer since 2010.

Over his career he has delivered over $230 million of value in business improvements, recruited 4 multi-disciplinary teams, and has a strong sales and marketing background. Building an inclusive vision and creating buy-in with marginalised stakeholders is his specialty.

Rowland founded Practical Diversity and Inclusion, a boutique consultancy that extends best practice in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and NFP organisational development. He has underpinned DEI in team building, international recruitment, establishment of governance processes, mentoring programs, panels and conferences, keynotes, and community fundraising. He has also advocated to improve his son’s care from disability providers.


This is an online talk that will take place via Zoom: Register here.

A recording of the talk will also be made available on the Society of Research Software Engineering Youtube Channel following the session.

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